Highland Moor Cut Stems Availability

Cut Stems Available Seasonally

Highland Moor is the leader in Pink Hydrangea macrophylla Cut Stems”

Highland Moor specializes in Hydrangeas and other woody cuts.

Availability depends on weather conditions. Dates listed below are approximations -- please call or email for current availability and pricing: 859-509-2719; email: info@highlandmoor.com

Winter Cuts

  • Feb/March: Pussy Willow Cuts (White), 3'-6', 5-10 stem bunches
  • Dec/Feb: Curly Willow Cuts ranging from 3'-6', 5-10 stem bunches
  • Dec/Feb: Red Twig Dogwood Cuts 2'-3', 10 stem bunches

Spring Cuts

  • March/April: Spirea Snowmound, 10 stem bunches
  • March/April: Spirea Bridal Wreath, 10 stem bunches

Summer Cuts

  • May:  Peony, 14-18", 10 stem bunches
  • June:  Hydrangea Cuts, 14-18", 5 stem bunches
  • July: Hydrangea PG Cuts, 24-48", 5 stem bunches

Fall Cuts

  • Aug-Oct:  Antique and Green Hydrangea Cuts, including Mac and PG, 24-48", 5 stem bunches

Highland Moor offers a fast, fresh alternative to coastal shipping.

  • Cut stems are delivered weekly to the Lexington, KY area on Thursday.
  • A weekly delivery is made to the Louisville, KY area on Wednesday.
  • All other cut stem orders are shipped FedEx P1.
  • Please contact us for current delivery rates to Central Kentucky, including container nursery stock and landscaping plants.


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