Highland Moor hydrangeas


Highland Moor is Kentucky’s Source for Outstanding Hydrangeas.”

Highland Moor is a cutting-edge Hydrangea producer with over one hundred cultivars in production.  Hydrangeas make a wonderful foundation plant, a fine hedge in a shady area, and even a delightful ornamental specimen.  Highland Moor produces Hydrangeas for many applications. 

If you are a cut stem grower or wholesale nursery and seeking cultivars as liners, please refer to our Hydrangea Catalog.  

If you are a local wholesale nursery or landscaper and would like more information on which cultivars are bud hardy for Zone 6 or proven remontant new wood 're-bloomers', please contact us for further information and pricing.   

If you are looking for retail Hydrangea purchases, please refer to the Retail Catalog, or visit Highland Moor at a your nearby Farmer’s Market.

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2018 Wholesale Availability Catalogs now available:

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